Marcus Idol Competition Oct. 22nd!

Marcus Idol Contestants

Reagan Duke – Troy Evans – Jalen Forbey – Wennie Grogan – Hannah Howard – Jessica Miller – Victor Mora Hayden Nerius – Elise Randall – Julia Cate Reader – Rebekah Rogers – Reece Roome – Nicole Shokry – Sallie Sirka Layla Sullivan

Marcus Idol is a school-wide competition to find the best singers at Marcus High School. Each year, during the month of September, all Marcus students have the opportunity to audition to be a part of the Marcus Idol Show. Guest judges rate the performances. The combined judges’ scores equal 66% of the total score and the other 34% comes from audience votes through monetary donations. Together, the judges’ scores and the audience votes determine the Marcus Idol. Trophies are awarded to the students with the top three scores. There is $5 admission price at the door. Who will be the next Marcus Idol?